We welcome swimmers of all ages and ability levels.Swimming is a great way to keep fit, have outdoor fun and meet new friends.

We have multiple practice groups as well as Mini-Sharks and Masters programs:


  • Mini-Sharks
  • Development
  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior
  • Grad
  • Winter/O-cat
  • Masters


Our mini-sharks and development swimming programs are for younger children and they both have an emphasis on Having Fun while improving swimming.


The Mini-Sharks program is designed for younger kids (about age 6 and older) who can hold their breath for 5 seconds underwater, float comfortably on their front/back and swim 10 meters. The mini-sharks program is 10 sessions spread over about one month.


There is a range of kids in the Development pool but they all need to be able to swim one length and be comfortable in water over their head (about age 6-7 and older). In development, the swimmers will learn the four competitive swim strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly), starting dives, and turns. Development swimming runs from May 1st to beginning of  August. This include 4-5 practices a week plus optional swim meets on weekends. Participants decide their level of involvement, from the number of practices to weekend swim meets, it’s up to you.


Our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior practice groups are for the older kids and stronger swimmers.


The Intermediate group is intended for faster Div 3 and Div 4 swimmers who made finals at the previous years Regional swim meet. These swimmers must be able to manage harder competitive practices tailored towards 50m and 100m events.


The Grad Program allows senior swimmers who are unable to fully commit to the Sharks Program but still wish to remain involved in summer swimming. Swimmers in this program must be a former Coquitlam Shark and must be Division 5 or older (under 19yrs).


The Winter Athlete/O Cat program is for swimmers who are active winter club swimmers that want to join the Coquitlam Sharks under a limited basis if they meet the required criteria.


Our Masters program provides adults an opportunity to improve their strength, stamina, and skill in the 4 competitive strokes. This group includes swimmers who want to improve their strength and endurance as well as competitive swimmers. It also includes adults who are learning, developing, and improving their strokes.



We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia